The Pavilion

Snap Shop: Modular Accessory Workshop
with Natalie Purschwitz of the Makeshift project

In the spirit of skill-building, sharing knowledge and DIY culture, The Pavilion hosted a hands on workshop by Vancouver based designer Natalie Purschwitz, whereby attendees had the opportunity to create modular garments by using a snap machine.

Discussing the practical applications of adding snaps to garments, Natalie said: “Everyone knows how miraculous snaps are. Not only are they the ultimate fastener, they are extenders, create pivot points, make things removable and of course, are cute and round. Now is your chance to snap together your world. Come to this Snap Shop and make something fun and functional! Use provided materials to make a bag or a belt or an apron - or something far less conventional if you prefer. Or bring something useless and turn it into something useful! Maybe you have an ugly belt and a lonely change purse – bring them together to make a fabulous tool belt! Add a pocket to a hat! Make a sausage-link belt! The possibilities are literally endless.”